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What's included with your event?

Every time, no matter the size.

We're known for "White-Glove Service"

Premiere Outdoor Movies of Texas was named the #1 Outdoor Movie Company in the State of Texas – not because of what we provide, but how we execute. Our team not only strives to prioritize your needs, but genuinely cares about the success of your event. Without that, we could not live up to our purpose of creating moments of joy that are cherished for a lifetime.

Complimentary services with every event include:

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear movie theater concessions? Overpriced!

Luckily with Premiere Outdoor Movies of Texas, you don’t have to worry about how much popcorn costs, a popcorn “tab,” or Jeremy from down the street who eats 13 bags of popcorn because we never charge for popcorn! Whether your attendees eat 1 bag or 236, it’s included at no cost for every event!

Unlimited attendees, unlimited servings, with unlimited smiles… free of charge.

We understand that events can be stressful to host by yourself… which is why we provide you with a specialized event crew to take care of all your outdoor movie needs!

Our crews will setup, maintain, and tear down the equipment for you event. They even start the movie, adjust the volume if needed, and will even host a little pre-movie karaoke session which means you never have to lift a finger!

Premiere Outdoor Movies of Texas take care of so much – you may even forget it’s your event! 

That was quite a bit… so here’s a recap!

  • Setup, maintain, and tear down your outdoor movie event equipment
  • Take care of pre-event jams with one of our provided playlists
  • Conduct event pre-checks, start your movie selection, or even adjust the volume

Premiere Outdoor Movies has worked with leading sound engineers to develop a proprietary system that makes your audience feel like they’re sitting in a theater – even outside!

No one likes a “foggy” image when watching the newest release. That’s why we’ve invested in the top projection equipment available within the industry. 

We all know Texas weather… constantly changing like it’s trying to match the most recent Powerball numbers. This is why Premiere Outdoor Movies of Texas provides complimentary weekday rain date insurance with every event.